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Capturing Patient Signature in Insight Go

As an "outpatient therapy at home" provider, we have patients sign off on time in/time out similar to a home health agency in order to validate the visit to Medicare. Can Insight Go offer a "patient signature capture" alternative much like that of...
over 1 year ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Patient Setup 0 Future Consideration

List DOB under Name/Legal Name at the top left of patient menu in InsightGO

It's valuable to have the DOB visible while working in the Insurance tab while verifying benefits. Switching from the Insurance tab to the Demographics tab to get the DOB and then switching back to Insurance to fill in benefits causes delays.
11 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Chart View 0 Future Consideration

Report on Caregiver/Treating Provider Unsigned Visits Alone

Right now, the Unsigned Visits report, when filtered by Caregiver, shows unsigned visits even if they are only waiting on co-sign by a supervisor. I need to be able to hold both my treating providers AND my supervisors accountable for signing thei...
25 days ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Edit an Existing Report 0 Future Consideration

Add Second Fax Field for Physicians / Contacts

I was given this idea from a front desk team member. They have several doctors in their area that have more than one fax #. The request was to add a second fax field to the Contacts so that way if the first fax fails, it auto would try the second ...
8 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Documentation 0 Future Consideration

I would like to be able to search patients by their name, phone number, or DOB, but it has only allowed us to search by their clinicent ID.

It would make work so much quicker because I spend too much time searching for a patients CL ID just to do my job.
11 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Demographics 0 Future Consideration

Request - Flagging inappropriate ICD-CM Diagnosis

Looking to have a system alert for the clinicians when selecting a primary diagnosis that is inappropriate, it would flag an error. For example: ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes. A list of ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes that are inappropriate to be used as the p...
over 1 year ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Case Information 1 Future Consideration

patient reminders - confirming

Having a way for the patient to confirm appointments when reminders are sent, would be extremely helpful. To take it a step further - noting on the appt that it has been confirmed on schedule. That'll eliminate the office staff having to call ever...
11 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Appointment Reminders 1 Future Consideration

Ability to text patients to request an online google review of their services with hyperlink to individual clinics google review page

No description provided
4 months ago in Insight as a Platform / Patient Engagement 0 Future Consideration

medicare and workers comp should automatically be a different color on the schedule

It would be beneficial if Clinicient could figure out a way to make any patient who has a MDCR primary insurance and workers compensation to be a different color. When a front desk or PT is scheduling on the fly, to know where to place a MDCR pati...
9 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Patient Setup 0 Future Consideration

Create a report that tracks Hard Caps (visits) across cases and disciplines.

I'm sure many clients would benefit from this! There is a report for authorized visits, but not for Hard Caps. If a patient has a hard cap on visits, but doesn't need an Auth, we put the visits in the auth field so we can keep track that way. Howe...
3 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Case Management Report 0 Future Consideration