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Created on Sep 14, 2022

As a PT user, I want to be able to move exercises or education to another titled case and care plan

Business/User Value:

As a PT user I want the ability to move an HEP(s) to another titled case & care plan so that I do not need to 'recreate' the HEP(s) in another EOC. This would greatly improve the therapist user experience. There are times when multiple EOCs exist with HEPs that may be in 1 EOC and the user may want to move the HEP to another case/care plan, but they may have to click several times and determine where the HEP is located.

Acceptance Criteria

GIVEN I'm a therapist user on the PT app
WHEN I see the desired HEP(s) in an EOC,
THEN I want to move the HEP(s) to another case/care plan

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