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be able to change the type of note from inside the note.

To change a visit from a follow up to a progress note or re-eval you have to go out of your note to the schedule. It would be nice to have an option to change the type of note from the note.
7 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Chart View 0 In Progress

Checkbox for deceased patients

I would like to have a checkbox to mark a patient as deceased. This should populate to a demographics report, which could then be filtered (eg to create a mailing list without sending mail to someone who is deceased). I know you can currently disc...
11 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Demographics 0 Future Consideration

Default to todays date on schedule upon login

Whenever I login and click on schedule it returns me to the most recent day I was viewing. That means every day that I sign in I have to click on "today" to get on the current day. Its only one click but its one of a multitude of one clicks that w...
5 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Scheduling Workflows 0 In Progress

Spanish Schedule Print out Option

Hi, I would love for there to be an option under the Reports (F8) tab, an option under administrative to print the patients schedules in Spanish. There is currently only an English option. A high percent of our patients are Spanish speaking.
11 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Reporting / Schedule 1 Future Consideration

self pay/prompt pay payment

Adding the "copay/payment" under case for Self Pay/Prompt Pay cases. For our clinic, we know what the patient should be paying each visit. Adding this would allow the copay reports to pull more accurate information for the front desk to collect th...
11 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Insurance 2 Planned

Favorite Diganosis Codes

Would like a way to "favorite" commonly used diagnosis codes so they are easier/quicker to look up and add.
over 1 year ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Documentation 0 Future Consideration

Ability to Edit Therapist Availability in IGO

It would be nice to be able to not only "extend" available therapist time, but simply be able to "edit" available time. Currently all editing still has to be done in EMR which makes an extra step for the director. If you could right click and edit...
over 1 year ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Scheduling Workflows 0 Future Consideration

In Billing, add the patient DOB on every screen

As you are calling an insurance company, we could be on the case or on the claim editor or the account - would be nice if the patient DOB was on each of these screens so you don't have to go to 3 diff screens to get the info you need to call an in...
30 days ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Billing 0 Future Consideration

Add the Payer Category to the Outstanding POC report

Currently this report only has the primary payer listed as a column and sporting by payer category would be extremely helpful for us.
about 1 month ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Edit an Existing Report 0 Future Consideration

Recurring appointments option

Allowing a "recurring appointments" option would make scheduling much easier especially for patients who like to come same day, same time.
11 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Scheduling Workflows 4 In Progress