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Status Future Consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 1, 2022

Ability to Edit Therapist Availability in IGO

It would be nice to be able to not only "extend" available therapist time, but simply be able to "edit" available time. Currently all editing still has to be done in EMR which makes an extra step for the director. If you could right click and edit available time to manipulate a therapists hours (both add or subtract) it would be more efficient for managing the schedule.

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Ability to also remove availability from the schedule

Currently the "Extend available time" feature only allows you to add time on to an existing schedule. Therefore, if I add time for a therapist and then their schedule later changes, I cannot subtract the newly added hour from the schedule. So I'm ...
over 1 year ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Scheduling Workflows 1 Future Consideration