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Status Future Consideration
Categories Waitlist
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 5, 2023

Patients should be automatically removed from a therapist's waitlist when they are placed on that therapist's schedule

When a therapist puts a patient on their schedule and that patient is on their waitlist, the patient should be automatically removed from their waitlist. The therapist should not have to remember to later go back to the waitlist and manually remove each patient. This will keep waitlists clean and accurate.

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Mark as "scheduled" to remove person from waitlist

Currently once we schedule someone from the waitlist, the only option we have to remove them is to delete them. It would be fantastic if there was a way to mark them as “scheduled.” *** Maybe even a way to view reporting on the back end as a measu...
over 1 year ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Waitlist 0 Future Consideration