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This portal is to capture your great ideas and improvements to the Insight platform.
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Suggestion to have an effective/termination date added to the payer credentialing under the edit staff

Would be very helpful to have an effective/termination date added to the payer credentialing under the edit staff. We have this for insurance for patients.
over 1 year ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Manage Staff 0 Future Consideration

Option to Fax Claims from Billable tab

A significant amount of time and resources would be saved by having the ability to fax claims to payers that have a fax number loaded in the Payer Setup. It would also provide proof of timely filing if the fax submission appeared on the Fax Transm...
10 months ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Claims 1 Future Consideration

Options under Denied Claims Bucket

When you are in the Denied claims bucket - we would like to have options added at the top for "Pass to Next Payer" or "Bill to Next Payer". This would help in mass submission of denied claims instead of having to go into every claim individually t...
4 months ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Claims 0 Future Consideration

Add "Credit Card" as a Method Type when Posting Insurance Payments

Is it possible to add another method type called "Credit Card" to choose from when posting Insurance Payments (from Payments F5 tab)? We have been receiving more insurance payments via credit card and it would make reconciliation easier if this me...
11 months ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Billing 1 Future Consideration

Authorization Tracking Version 2 - Updated Reports

For the Updated Reports/ Authorization Tracking V2, it would be helpful to have a real time ACTUAL remaining Auth # column which does NOT include future scheduled appointments. In example, if in auth is in a case for 4 visits with date range 01/01...
12 months ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Edit an Existing Report 0 Future Consideration

Remove old cases/$0 balance lines on statements

When a statement is generated for a current balance, there should not be old line items dropping when they are completed, zeroed out. I recently had a patient contact me because she receive a statement for her 2022 charges, but the statement had l...
about 1 year ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Statements 1 Future Consideration

Sort Appt History Chronologically by year on Change Log Tab

When viewing appt hx on change log tab, Clinicient for some strange reason sorts the visits based on MONTH rather than YEAR. This serves no purpose and makes viewing the appointment history extremely confusing when looking at a patient who has tre...
about 1 year ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Change Log 0 Future Consideration

Saving Columns when Moved

When working on charges or any other tab within Insight Billing, you are allowed to move and sort columns anyway you'd like, but they don't stay that way once you've moved to a different tab or logged out. For example, the type of insurance a pati...
about 1 year ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Billing Settings 0 Future Consideration


Would LOVE the current auth remaining visit count on the appointment research reports v5. How many AUTH visits remaining as of that days schedule. (do not consider future appointments against auth count) just current of that DATE of SERVICE
9 months ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Edit an Existing Report 0 Future Consideration

Clinicient ID on receipts

Would love to have the patient's Clinicient ID print on their receipts. Very useful for quick cross-referencing and record keeping.
about 1 year ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Statements 0 Future Consideration