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EMR: Documentation/Front Desk

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Deleting Plan/Doc Breaks, Lunches, Meeting times

Deleting multiple lunches, meeting times, or planning times would be super helpful like we can delete multiple appointment for a client. This would replace having to delete them one by one
about 2 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Scheduling Workflows 0 Existing Functionality

report of new evals

please create a report of listing all new patients 1)for the day 2) for the week 3)for the month. How is this helpful? 1) front desk can monitor all payers for the day or the week for authorization or to monitor signed evals as they come in. 2) cl...
3 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Reporting 0 Existing Functionality

report that hold patient name and payer

Please create a simple report with the patient name and payer only that can be printed daily or weekly. This is helpful for front office workers that is handling 100+ patients scheduled every day. At the end of the day, the worker can print the re...
4 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Reporting 0 Existing Functionality

Special characters for degrees symbol

So I can stop typing the word degrees
11 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Documentation 0 Existing Functionality

waitlist in clasic

Hi the classic version is the only option we are able to use and we need access to a waitlist in the system. We are needing rely on spreadsheets that are not as easly updated and can not be shared with our staff that are contracted
11 months ago in EMR: Documentation/Front Desk / Waitlist 0 Existing Functionality