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Status Future Consideration
Categories Billing Workflows
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 26, 2023

Posting Efficiencies when posting large Remits

When posting a payment....if you clear a claim on a remit and then hit Save&Close, it doesn't hold where you were on the remit, so you have to scroll to where you were again. To help w/ these large remits, it would be nice if you could:

1. If any changes on a claim are made on a remit, it holds where you are at on the remit, so you don't lose your place.

2. would be nice if you could actually filter the remit instead of just sort by columns. Today, we often sort by reason code or Index, but would be nice if you could filter and only look at those instead.

This would be significant savings w/ these large remits. I am working on a remit that is rather large and i would estimate it would save over an hour if these items were available or working.


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