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This portal is to capture your great ideas and improvements to the Insight platform.
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Ability to add modifiers to secondary claims only if not required by primary payer

Is there any way to get around the fact that the secondary payer follows primary payer set up? For [a patient], we need discipline modifiers on the secondary claim. Other than manual intervention, the only way to do this currently is to turn on mo...
over 1 year ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Claims / Modifiers 0 Future Consideration

PO Modifiers for Medicare

We are requesting a feature to be added that gives us the ability to expand the Payer option for modifier application by servicing address. Medicare is asking us to apply PO/PN modifiers for offsite locations and we are currently having to do this...
8 months ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Modifiers 1 Future Consideration

Modifier XE and XU

We do not want XU to be populated as a choice but instead XE only. That is what we use for Humana only. The client would like to choose between the XE or the XU modifier to be added to the patient's claims. It looks like the system automatically a...
about 3 years ago in Admin/Billing/Reporting / Modifiers 0 Future Consideration